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Welcome to The Detail King

The Detail King - Lebanon - was founded with the dream of improving the automotive reconditioning and appearance industry by helping thousands of car owners and entrepreneur to launch and grow successful businesses. Since that time, The Detail King has set the standards for professional auto reconditioning, auto detailing, car detailing, PDR, and auto appearance, offering the highest quality service, training, equipment, supplies, business consulting and marketing services in the industry.

Our specialisation

The Detail King is the first ever to bring paintless dent removal technology in to Lebanon providing remarkable service to the automotive industry.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the “art” of removing dents and dings from automobile sheet metal with the use of specially designed tools.

The Detail King uses the optimum materials, machines, and treatments that will polish, treat, renew, and protect your vehicle paint from all elements including acid rain. We at The Detail King also use the latest and best technology in the industry for repairing, re-coloring and preserving your car's leather.

Utilizing the best cleaning methods and the best chemicals money can buy, we will bring your vehicle interior to look and smell like new.

Our all new Opti-Coat Ceramic Clear Coating is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching and protection from etching.
The Opti-Coat Ceramic Pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous protective film and forms a clear coat finish. Our Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch and mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use!

Our brand new Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl Protection creates a hydrophobic coating with concentrated UV absorbers to protect leather seats and dashboards from premature aging, cracking, and other damage such as color transfer and staining of leather seats.
The Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is an acrylic hybrid resin that creates a strong, yet flexible coating for these softer surfaces and high resistance to chemicals. The coating contains special matting agents to maintain the original factory appearance of the surface it is applied to.

Newest Services

Paint Protection Filming

The virtually invisible Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle's paint from unsightly damage and maximize re-sale value. The Detail King offers precuts which will suit any vehicle and model, While we provide wholesale and retail services, our prices are suitable for resellers or hobbyists starting from 60$.


We at The Detail King offer installers, hobbyists or trained personnel the possibility to buy "precuts" that matches all models and brands in a step to offer optimum car protection for the least amount of time and money. The precuts offered by The Detail King, and originally provided by the American sector leader "XPEL", are prepared locally based on international standards while using the most advanced technology and machinery.


Opti-Coat Pro is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. The Opti-Coat Pro pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface it is applied to, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish.

The Detail King

The Car Boutique Lebanon - Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)


Auto paint and road rash repair system

The Detail King offers the most technologically advanced paint chip repair & restoration processes in the industry. Our Color Twin paint chip repair and restoration system will quickly and easily repair paint chips and scratches in minutes.

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    Headlight restoration & anti ultraviolet treatment

    Our plastic & headlight restoration and ultraviolet system will restore cloudy and opaque expensive headlight lenses that are caused by accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light, bringing back the required optical clarity allowing full amount of light to reach the road and bring a dazziling shine to your lights.

Burn Repair

The Detail King repair technology is unique in the industry, using the latest and the best products and techniques for repairing, re-coloring and preserving your car interior.

Leather Care

We, at The Detail King, only use premuim and the most effective car care products to ensure our customers with the best of care for all leather and vinyl.

Windscreen chip repair

Our fast and ultimate repair process will help you save money by preventing the need to replace your vehicle windshield

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